Because Food is more than just Nutrition, it’s also about comfort, Love and Appreciation ™

Yes, please!

#SPONSORED – Disclaimer: Her and her dogs are being compensated to review Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food® and share feedback with our followers. The opinions shared in this post are ours, expressed in our words. It is our choice, and our pleasure to share information about this product with you.

Once again, we are happy to share our honest review and a giveaway of this product, with our followers.

In our previous post, we shared an overview of all the good stuff (nutrients) in Chicken Soup for the Soul Dog Food. We also highlighted all the things you don’t want to serve your pooch.

Henry and Jack are very ‘food’ motivated and will do anything for a treat. Miss Reese however is more selective and doesn’t work for less than the best. Her verdict? Paw’s up!

Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food is available in kibble as well as Wet formulas and in several different recipes.


Variety is the spice of life.


Menu Options Include:

Grain Free Dry

  • Beef & Legumes
  • Lamb, Pea, & Green Lentil (Limited Ingredient Recipe)
  • Chicken, Turkey, Pea & Sweet Potato
  • Salmon, Sweet Potato & Pea Recipe

Grain Free Wet

  • Chicken & Duck Stew
  • Turkey & Salmon Stew
  • Lamb & Lentil (Limited Ingredient Recipe)
  • Beef & Legume

What’s on the menu?

Also provided is the Life Stages Dry Dog Food for Puppies, and Large Breed puppies, Adults and Large Breed Adults as well as Small Breed Adults, Mature Dogs, and dogs that need to lose some weight.

Life Stages Wet Dog Food is available for Puppies, Adults, and Mature Dogs.

Since serving kibble, we have noticed a reduction in the stubborn, remaining buildup of plaque on a couple of Jack’s teeth.

Come on, show us those teeth!

Thank you, Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food for inviting my rescues and me to share your product with our followers.

Jack kisses

Enter for your chance to win a 15lb bag of dog food, and two bags of treats (U.S. winners) from Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food.

Contest open to Canadian and U.S. residents.  Canadian winners will receive gift vouchers and are responsible for sourcing product from retailer. Click here for locations.

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Because Food is more than just Nutrition, it’s also about comfort, Love and Appreciation ™

#SPONSORED – Disclaimer: Her and her dogs are being compensated to review Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food® and share feedback with our followers. The opinions shared in this post are ours, expressed in our words. It is our choice, and our pleasure to share information about this product with you.

Most people will recognize the name Chicken Soup from the much-loved series of books ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’. My bookshelf is scattered with various titles from the collection.

Chicken Soup for the Soul ® is a family owned and operated business with a brand name that is recognized and trusted worldwide. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that an organization who is dedicated to sharing this much love with their audience has developed a line of healthy pet food for our animal companions.

We were thrilled to be invited to try the product and share our honest review and a giveaway, with our followers.

Before agreeing to do so, however, I needed to do my research.

We switched to a completely raw diet a few years ago due to allergies and sensitivities. I believe it is good to change things up now and then, however, I would not do so with just any product.

I visited the company website and was able to find a Pet Valu in my area that stocks Chicken Soup for the Soul Dog Food.  I was happy to see Protein is First Few Ingredients listed and the product does not contain Corn, Wheat, Soy, Artificial Colours or Flavors, By-Product Meals or Synthetic Preservatives or Fillers.


– Protein

– Antioxidants

– Vitamin E

– Selenium

– Naturally pure Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs


– Corn

– Wheat

– Soy

– Artificial Colours or Flavors

– By-Product Meals

– Synthetic Preservatives or Fillers

My dogs are all under thirty pounds, so I chose the Adult Dog Small Bites. It’s made with the same natural ingredients as the Adult formula, just in a smaller kibble for smaller breeds.

Available Bag Sizes: 5lb, 15lb

Since I will be transitioning Henry, Reese, and Jack onto a new product, I like that I can use the small kibble as treats and training incentives while their systems adjust.


“No More”

They like it too!


Unless your dog has an iron-gut, it is essential to transition dogs to a new food product gradually. Since we have autoimmune issues and allergies, I will be introducing the kibble progressively.

I believe there is a place for both kibble and raw food – just not mixed in the same meal.  Why?  Dry kibble takes longer to digest and can cause tummy upset when mixed with raw food.

I also like the price point of replacing one raw meal with kibble and the benefit the crunchy kibble has of removing tartar from teeth. 

Need more convincing?  Chicken Soup for the Soul supports rescue efforts! In fact, rescue cats and dogs and their story can be found on the product packaging.

We publish books about pets and produce a line of high-quality dog and cat food because we understand the special bond between people and animals. We also know that some of the most meaningful owner-pet relationships begin with adoptions from shelters, which is why we’ve partnered with animal shelters to support their mission to help find cats and dogs their forever homes


Although product is available for Canadian consumers, this particular giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. Enter below to win two bags of treats and a 15lb bag of food from Chicken Soup Pets.

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Thank you, Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food for inviting my rescues and me to share your product with our followers.




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BLUESTEM ORAL CARE – #bluestempets


Because, they are your reason to smile

Happy, smiling dogs

Happy, smiling dogs

This post is sponsored by bluestem™ and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated to increase awareness of and share my experiences with the bluestem™ oral care products, but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Bluestem™ is not responsible for the content of this article.

The Parker Pack (that’s us), includes three puppy mill rescues and a formerly neglected cat. In previous posts, I have shared with you the dire conditions in which the mill dogs are kept. In most cases, these dogs are not provided with basic veterinarian care, never mind having their teeth cleaned.

When mill dogs are rescued, a large number of them are sedated, for their comfort, before having their teeth cleaned. They are in agony from their poor state of health and injuries. Signs of neglect in dental health care include bad breath -in part due to poor nutrition and a buildup of plaque, inflamed, swollen, red gums, bleeding gums, loose teeth or complete loss of teeth. In some cases upon rescue, mill dogs will have teeth surgically removed.

The stench of rotting teeth and flesh due to infection is all too familiar to volunteers, rescue workers and veterinarians who work to treat these dogs.

Reese was missing several teeth when we rescued her. Regular upkeep of oral care is an absolute must for these dogs. Pet oral health should be routine for all pet parents. To preserve Reese’s remaining teeth, and prevent further anesthesia, we have been vigilant with teeth cleaning. At nearly eleven years old, with a grade four heart murmur, surgery is more of a risk.

Even with the best intentions, and regular handling to familiarize our companions with teeth cleaning, the process can be a challenge. Especially, accessing the back teeth. OUCH! Reese may be missing teeth but the ones she does have work exceptionally well.  We’ve tried soft-bristled baby tooth brushes, and finger brushes, and sterile wipes. Nothing removed the plaque, and everyone ended up frustrated. I was frustrated, the pups were annoyed. But, I made every effort. We even tried another topical product which required no food or toys in mouths twenty minutes before or after application. THAT, WAS IMPOSSIBLE! Henry carries his fluffy hippos everywhere, all-the-time.

I was grateful for the opportunity to review the bluestem™ oral care product line.

Reese demonstrates how easy it is to care for her teeth

Reese demonstrates how easy it is to care for her teeth

About bluestem oral care:
The product line includes an Oral Care Spray, available in Vanilla Mint Flavor, and an Oral Care Water Additive, available in a selection of four flavors: Chicken Flavor, Original Flavor, and Vanilla Mint Flavor

Most of the product line is safe for both dogs and cats, however,

VANILLA MINT FLAVOR IS NOT FOR CATS – according to Health Canada’s Veterinary arm, products with natural mint ingredients can cause upset stomach in cats.

Vanilla Mint is NOT for cats

Vanilla Mint is NOT for cats

Bluestem oral care is available as both a water additive and oral spray. All bluestem products contain coactiv+™ technology – a unique formulation of food-grade ingredients that are scientifically developed to break down biofilm, where harmful bacteria multiply. Clinically proven safe and effective for daily use in cats and dogs.

As per instruction, we gradually introduced the additive to the water bowls. They did seem to notice it was a bit different but were not put off.

-day one, add ¼ cap of bluestem to 2.5 cups of water
-day two, add ½ cap. If your pet objects, keep the dose low for a few more days and don’t let them see you ‘mess with their water.’
-slowly work up to 2 capfuls per 2.5 cups of water

Water Additive

Water Additive

Because we have four furries drinking out of two water bowls, I empty and refresh each bowl at least twice daily (depending on the murkiness of the water). In this regard, we experienced some wastage of the additive.

The spray works well for Henry and Reese – I love that it doesn’t have that ‘startling’ hiss sound. It does still surprise them a bit when it makes contact, but they go to licking their teeth, spreading the coactiv+™ and freshening their breath.

Oral Spray

Oral Spray

Each visit to our vet would result in the same somewhat optimistic comment regarding Henry and Reese’s oral health. “They don’t look any worse.” He would say. And, (indicating the stubborn yellow areas), “keep up with the routine and especially try to wipe these teeth.”

I was absolutely over the moon when we visited last week.

Dr. M. noticed the difference in Henry’s teeth immediately and asked what we had been doing differently. I told him ‘we have been using the bluestem oral care water additive for just over three weeks.’

Bluestem oral care products are approved by Health Canada’s Low Risk Veterinary Health Products (LRVHP). The products are Xylitol-free, alcohol-free and chlorhexidine-free, made with 100% food-grade ingredients suitable for daily use.

As you can see, Henry’s oral health has improved dramatically! Healthy teeth and gums are less swollen, and inflamed.

Before and After

Try bluestem oral care water additive or oral spray for 30 days to see the results for yourself!

Receive 20% off throughout the month of September!

Use Promotion Code: TRYBLUESTEM


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of bluestem. The opinions and text are all mine.