1. Such cute costume pics, thanks for sharing 🙂

    Also thanks for the heads up that it’s not just chocolate people can’t give puppies – this is super important and often overlooked!

  2. Excellent tips, and handy not just for Halloween. The dogs look so adorable in their costumes, but I really love the hat on the cat!! None of mine would have ever agreed to that.

  3. We had only one set of trick or treaters, and they came WAY too late for little ones. Bravo barked like crazy, too — but wanted to meet them. His first Halloween and better prepared for the next. Great tips, thanks!

    • Awww. I know the roads were so busy on my way home from work. Parents wanting to get home to get the kids out at a decent time.

  4. This was Edna’s first experience with Halloween and trick or treaters. Not sure how she was going to react to the constance door knocking and strangers, we decided to give it a try and see how she would do. She barked the first few times, but them seemed to take it in stride. My cats however, preferred to find a quiet place in the house away from it all. Cute costumes everyone!

  5. Aww I love all of your pets costumes! So adorable. I hope you had a nice and safe Halloween. Great post. Thanks for sharing these important safety tips!

  6. My dogs and I don’t really celebrate Halloween as Beau becomes nervous with the costumes and running children. So we do keep them at daycare during the day and then crated in the evening while trick-or-treaters are visiting. We have a small neighborhood so it’s pretty low key.
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  7. While my family goes all out for Halloween, our dogs don’t participate. We keep them safe in their crates at the back of the house. I sit outside on the porch to hand out candy, and the dogs don’t seem to notice anything is going on.

  8. All great tips we follow! I just love that photo of Goose! We celebrate Halloween with my Huskies in a quiet fashion. I keep them away from the door while human trick-or-treaters come (which this year totalled 0). Yep. Zip. Zero. So it was pretty quiet indeed! But we don’t mind, it keeps the dogs safe and happy! They humor me by posing with our carved pumpkins, and sometimes a themed hat or bandana, just so long as they get their treats afterwards! No tricks here!

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